Submitting a new package

To add a new package on the website, the process is rather simple. You have to add a snippet in the appropriate file.

Each package is represented by a JSON Object. Use the generator below to generate the Object.

* marked fields are required

The type of snippet to generate
Name of the package
URL where code live.
Also used for star count update
The URL where to find it.
If it's the same as Repository, it can be omitted
A short description of the package
The npm name of the package
A list of categories

JSON Snippet

	"title": "svelte-lorem-ipsum",
	"url": "",
	"repository": "",
	"description": "A dummy text generator that does not exist",
	"npm": "svelte-lorem-ipsum"

Copy this snippet and add it to packages.json. Before submitting a PR, please clone your changes locally and run:
pnpm run lint